• Comment reconnaître sa flamme jumelle

    How will I recognise my Twin Flame?
    April~ Twin Flame Angel Message Dear Ones,
    Many of you ask “How do I find my Twin Flame?” How will I recognise my Twin Flame?”
    Beloveds, your Twin Flame is you. Your Twin Flame is the exact vibration as you. Your Soul vibration. Your Soul Signature. To really understand this is to know yourself as a Soul. The very depth of your Soul Essence. Therefore the more you will know your True Twin Flame.
    Yes Beloveds, with this Soul awareness, you will be able to recognise your One true counterpart and align with them, because you will be aligned with your very own Soul.
    You live in a world of third dimensional consciousness that overlooks the Soul. You are now transitioning dimensions, from one of the mind to one of the Heart and Soul, therefore the Reunion with your Soul and your Twin Flame.
    So Beloveds, you ask “How do I know myself as a Soul?” We tell you, you must begin to feel through the Heart Centre and listen in silence to your true Heart’s desires. Your feelings and desires will direct you to your Soul.
    You share the same passions and desires of your Twin Flame, therefore the more you know your Heart’s calling and passions, you will naturally align with your Twin Flame in vibration because you are aligning with your Soul. Your Heart’s desires and feelings are connected to your Soul Signature.
    You and your Twin Flame are One. One Soul. One Soul in frequency and exact signature. Such Sacred Beauty of God and All.
    Dear Ones, you are so Loved…..We are the Angels….channeled by LIORA copyright 2012 www.twinflame1111.com

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